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Ourika Valley Best of Atlas Mountains


why this destination?

Ourika Valley is located high in the mountains of Atlas of Morocco. The Ourika river which has its origins in the Atlas mountains runs down bringing the splendour of life with it along the way. Look out for flora you have rarely seen before.

Time to visit Ourika Valley

If you are planning to trek then April to May is good time. However, the weather in the mountains is highly unpredictable. As they are very high it gets chilly between November and March

Places to see in Ourika Valley

The valley itself is untouched displaying what God brought down to Earth. The green pleasantness of the valley will bring you peace from within.

ourika valley

Ourika Valley

Ecomusee Berbere in Ourika Valley

A dirt path begins into the Berber village a few kilometres from the valley. Here the mudbrick ksar – a fortified granary once reigned with the local caid – chief.
This place is now a museum. You need a guide to take you around the house to show you the life then, the silver dowry and more.

Gardens in Tnine

Ourika’s soil is rich. Everything grows with great fervour here. Even saffron. This is a plant that needs high maintenance. Its flowers are plucked at dawn so
that it retains its potency. Harvest takes place in the first three weeks of November. Get yourself a guide to weaving around these gardens.

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Setti Fatma

A little village located from where you would move on to see the Ourika Waterfalls. Scenic and a must see.
How to get to Ourika Valley
Trains don’t work here so you have to trust the roadways. You can rent a car, but understand that driving in Morocco is not easy for a foreigner. Roads are not very well maintained. So instead you can hire a taxi for the entire day. Book a trip from a local trustworthy agency. It takes around an hour by a four-wheeler to
get to this place from Marrakech.

book your day trip to ourika from Marrakech here

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