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Morocco Desert Tours

Common Questions About Morocco Desert Tour

A lot of People ask Questions every day about Morocco Desert Tour, so here we provide an overview of the most asked questions hopefully you find them helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact sunny excursion for your amazing experience in Morocco.


Can We Take Our Luggage On The Morocco Desert Tour? Where Can Passengers Store It?

Yes, in Morocco Desert Tours you are allowed to bring the luggage with you to all Desert trips. Either it is private or group sharing, you can confidently bring it on desert tours. However, you need to bring small bag packs so you can easily bring them on a camel ride. The rest of your luggage will be safe in your vehicle at Zagor. You can also keep it in camp at Merzouga. Welcome to Merzouga Desert.

What Is The Actual Difference In Price Between The Private And Group Shared Desert Tours?

Group Shared Desert Tours are those where many people join. The prices for such tours are fixed. While private tours include few people and its price depends on how many people are coming for a tour. Obviously, Shared Tours are more affordable.

Is Group Shared Desert Tour Best For Me?

It depends on what kind of man/woman you are. What are your expectations? If you are interested in making new friends while you are visiting new places, the Shared tour will work for you. However, if you want to make out most of your time, you may select a private tour from our several offers. When it comes to price, they are quite different from both of them, as mentioned above.

Are Shared Desert Tours Guided?

You will only have an English-Speaking driver whose main duty is to focus on roads while you are in the Merzouga desert.

Should We Bring Our Own Water With Us On The Tour?

You can! But there are plenty of stores where you can buy water. You do not need to burden yourself with water bottles if you can buy them from stores. However, it depends on your ease.

Lunches Are Not Included On Morocco Desert Tours. Where Shall We Have Lunch?

As said earlier, it depends on your ease. There are many stories on the way to Merzouga desert where you can buy fresh meals. However, the driver’s recommendations can work better for you because they know better about their surroundings.

We Are A Couple, So We Want To Join A Private Tour Of Up To 6 People, Is That Possible?

Apologies for saying that this is not possible. Our private Morocco Desert tour offers are not inclusive to people who want a single private tour. However, you can join our convenient Shared Group tours to Merzouga Desert and Zagora Desert.

I’m Ready To Book My Desert Tour, But I Still Haven’t Booked My Pick Up Hotel In Marrakech yet, What Shall I Do?

Finalize your plan for the tour and enter (TBC- To be Confirmed) in the Hotel Section. Keep updating us by mail before and after finalizing your hotel.

How Do I Pay The Remaining Balance?

Pay in cash only to tour staff. Currencies like Moroccan Dirhams, Euros, are accepted. However, payment by card or PayPal will include a 3% processing fee.

How Early Can I Book My Morocco Desert Tours?

Early bookings are good for you if you are planning to visit in peak seasons( October, April, and December), especially for private tours. The major reasons are the accommodation and tour camps. The earlier you book, the more are the chances that you will get better accommodation.

What Happens If The Minimum Participants Is Not Reached On the Marrakech Shared Desert tours?

You do not need to worry. There is no requirement for minimum participants for Shared group tours. It will depart daily for tours to Merzouga Desert and Zagora Desert, no matter how many participants are available.

Can I Customize Private Merzouga Desert Tour?

Yes. You can customize your private tour. Just make a special wish, and our team is always ready to cooperate with you.

Can You Cater Vegetarian And Vegan And Gluten-Free Meals During Your Morocco Desert Tours?

Yes, vegetarian and Vegan foods will work. But there are chances that you may face difficulties in getting gluten-free food here in Morocco. There are quite a few shops that sell gluten-free food in a new city. let us know by email if we can manage the gluten-free for you.

I have a flight to catch upon return from my desert tour. Is that a safe option?

On private tours, it is safe provided that you make the time arrangement in such a manner that your flight is on or before 19:00 maximum. However, flash floods and snow might block roads in the rainy and snow seasons. While on Shared tours, it is not marked as a safe option except if your flight is from Marrakech airport till midnight. In the winter season, that too is not recommended.

Do We Need Sleeping Bags For The Sahara Desert Camp?

Not at all. At our camping facilities, there is full equipment to keep you warm i.e., warm blankets. However, warm thermal clothes for yourself are recommended in the winter season.

Is There Electricity In The Tents? Where Can We Charge Our Phones And Cameras?

For safety, no plugs are installed in camps. However, you can charge your equipment in public areas i.e., Restaurants, cafes, and hotels on the way.

Do We Need To Bring Our Towels And Shower Condiments For The Desert Camp?

Yes. You need to bring them. However, when you are on luxury tours, you will be provided with towels and shower condiments.

Can We Skip The Camel Ride?

Yes. It is up to you. Therefore the replacement will be 4×4. On luxury tours to Merzouga desert or Morocco desert Zagora, you will have two options; camel ride and jeep transfer.

Can We Book Our Tour Directly From Sunny Excursion When We Arrive In Marrakech?

Yes, You can do so. But it depends on bookings. You can come to our office in New town, which is 20 minutes- drive from Jamma El Fna Square. However, You can mail us and remain in touch.

Can We Choose To Upgrade Our Tents Once In The Desert Camp?

You need to make these arrangements during the booking process or at least 24 hours earlier before camping.

Do you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask, we are available to answer all of them Contact Sunny Excursion

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