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Ourika Valley Best of Atlas Mountains


why this destination?

Ourika Valley is located high in the mountains of Atlas of Morocco. The Ourika river which has its origins in the Atlas mountains runs down bringing the splendour of life with it along the way. Look out for flora you have rarely seen before.

Time to visit Ourika Valley

If you are planning to trek then April to May is good time. However, the weather in the mountains is highly unpredictable. As they are very high it gets chilly between November and March

Places to see in Ourika Valley

The valley itself is untouched displaying what God brought down to Earth. The green pleasantness of the valley will bring you peace from within.

ourika valley

Ourika Valley

Ecomusee Berbere in Ourika Valley

A dirt path begins into the Berber village a few kilometres from the valley. Here the mudbrick ksar – a fortified granary once reigned with the local caid – chief.
This place is now a museum. You need a guide to take you around the house to show you the life then, the silver dowry and more.

Gardens in Tnine

Ourika’s soil is rich. Everything grows with great fervour here. Even saffron. This is a plant that needs high maintenance. Its flowers are plucked at dawn so
that it retains its potency. Harvest takes place in the first three weeks of November. Get yourself a guide to weaving around these gardens.

3 Valley Tour Atlas Mountains

Setti Fatma

A little village located from where you would move on to see the Ourika Waterfalls. Scenic and a must see.
How to get to Ourika Valley
Trains don’t work here so you have to trust the roadways. You can rent a car, but understand that driving in Morocco is not easy for a foreigner. Roads are not very well maintained. So instead you can hire a taxi for the entire day. Book a trip from a local trustworthy agency. It takes around an hour by a four-wheeler to
get to this place from Marrakech.

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Essaouira Morocco Peace and Calm

  • Essaouira City

The name of the town is pronounced as Ess-a-wai-ra. That means a little picture in Arabic. An apt meaning is given to this town as it looks like a postcard.
picture. It’s a perfect destination for a painter as he would immerse himself with this paradise land filled with blue and white. Essaouira is a quieter cousin of
his relative noisy other towns. Nestled on the Atlantic Coast it is filled with peace and calm.

  • Essaouira – Time to visit 

Being a sea side town it never gets very heated up. There is no rainfall from March to October so this could be a good time too. But in June due to Gnaoua – the
music festival it can get quite crowded.  June is a good time if you are a music fanatic. July, August and September Marrakech and other cities are very hot but Essaouira is nice and fresh with the sea, so can enjoy it.

  • Essaouira Attractions

The air, the scenery, the style of the place itself is its major attraction. Quite and peaceful. Shopping is quite here too unlike Fes. No cars around the medina.
make it a quiet place for you to wander and it is kept very clean. You can find yourself moving around the souqs that mean bazaars very easily. The bazaar is really small here and you can do it with your friends.

  • Essaouira – Ramparts and Ports
Essaouira Great City to Visit in Morocco

Essaouira – Morocco

Impressive history is told with the ramparts of this city. Take a stroll with a guide or even without one to feel the ancient bricks tell their own story. Fishing
boats make the port really busy. The Saturday auction is a must catch in the afternoon if you are by the bay as fishermen haggle their prices with restaurant owners.


  • Essaouira – Food

With all the catch you have just witnessed, sea food is one of the best you need to try here. Of course the traditional delicacies exist like Tagine and Zaalouk.
Some of the best restaurants here are Zahra’s Grill, Restaurant de Coeur, La Mouette et les Dromadaires Beaches.

The water being very cold it is not ideal for swimming. The cold winds do not make it apt for sun bathing too. But if you are a surfer then get your boards out.
and do the twist atop the white rafts. The unending beaches which run for 10 kilometres at a stretch can bring you solace from a hectic lifestyle.

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Morocco – Best Places to Visit and Explore

Morocco is one of the gorgeous countries in the world, that has loads of its heritage intact. It has its ancient cities you can visit and marvel, There are mountain ranges for you to hike. These mountains that have stood the test of centuries to tell you tall tales of the plants and trees that grow in it.

Hike up through the Berber villages into the snow-capped mountains. But if it, not a hike that is you like, don’t turn around for this country has a diverse topography with an arid desert that stands out for you to traverse upon, a green oasis to dwell upon or linger through bustling cities that never sleep.

The country is dense with options for you to try. Sand dunes or the Atlas, scenic landscapes or languish in the markets watching sellers with their beautiful rugs. You could plunge into the waterfalls or seek the caves in the forested areas.

Morocco best places to visit

The options here for the travelers are immense. You would get the best coffee in Morocco. So don’t miss out on a session of idling at a coffee shop, don’t forget to take some home too. Coffee with spices, with roots and more, are available at different locations. So try something different every time you ask for a coffee.

As an Arab country on the African continent, its history is diverse and splendid. The French and Spanish have left their lasting influences in this country.  In Morocco People Speak English, French, Spanish, Italien. Almost half of the northern population of Morocco know Spanish.

So if you know a bit of French or Spanish it is enough to get you around. But if you don’t there is no need to fret. English is spoken widely as Arabic. As it is a country that thrives on tourism, English is very welcomed.

Places to visites in Morocco And things to do:

Try to stay in the Center of Morocco. Marrakech beautiful Red City so it will be easier to Explore other cities Nearby.

Don’t skip Jemaa El Fna Square, Souks, and Visite The main monuments and Gardens check Many Excursions to do here.

Essaouira Beach is Amazing you need just a Day Trip From Marrakech to explore this beautiful City

Don’t Skip Atlas mountains Enjoy their rivers.. waterfalls and Great Moments. Check Atlas Mountain Ourika Valley.

the best One is Merzouga Desert Camel Ride with the sunset and spend a night in the Tante and enjoy Stars in the sky. it’s just Amazing…

jemaa el fena

Morocco still has its medieval structures. Technology and skyscrapers have not yet laid their foundations here. Thus make the best of what history has to offer you when you still can experience it with your eyes and touch it with your hands.